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About Marina

Welcome to my site! 

My mission is to raise and merge frequencies in alignment with the higher consciousness and to facilitate the empowerment, enlightenment and awakening of human beings to their best possible selves.

As a psychic and intuitive, I have been on a lifelong journey of self-discovery and personal development myself.

I studied many ancient and timeless spiritual traditions, spiritual texts, metaphysics, astrology, shamanism, yoga, meditation practices, energy medicine, energy work, quantum healing, sound healing and trained with masters and mentors from Asia, North America, South America and Central America.

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I had the extrasensory abilities from an early age, practicing energy work and doing readings of various traditions as early as my school years.

But at certain point, I decided to lead a “normal” life with "normal" friends and "normal" work and chose a career in linguistics and, subsequently, in law.

While maintaining a successful corporate career, I was helping and counseling people of various backgrounds.


Throughout the years some of the most powerful and sacred places on Mother Earth, especially American Southwest, Peru, Bali, and Arctic, have become my anchors, guiding me and reminding me again and again to feel, to vibrate, to re-connect and to re-member the sacred knowledge.

With humankind awakening at a rapid pace especially recently, many humans are searching to re-connect with their soul family.


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This is the time more than ever, for intuitive healers and starseeds to step up and unite in bringing our vibration, skills and knowledge out into the world to assist other fellow beings.

I would be honoured if I could be of help for you to connect with your True Self and learn about your gifts!

We raise each other up!

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