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I LOVE guiding people so that they can finally see their True Self and aspects they have not noticed yet before. And I am fascinated watching when they meet Themselves and re-member Themselves!


My sessions may include, among other techniques:

  • Energy clearing

  • Multidimensional clearing

  • Shamanic healing and protection

  • Removal of discordant energies, entities, presences and implants

  • Psychic surgery

  • Soul retrieval

  • Quantum healing

  • Reconnecting individuals with their Higher Self, helping guides and spirits, power animals and other spirit allies, in order to empower, protect and heal themselves

  • Soul alignment

  • Intuitive guidance and mentorship


My Galactic Soul Origin Readings are interdimensional readings. They include a quantum soul reading based on your astrological natal chart and your unique star connections. For these readings I prepare ahead of time for 7-8 hours and share the findings in our scheduled recorded video call at a later date.

A shamanic reading includes a shamanic journey to retrieve the most important connections and deeper understanding of your soul essence Spirit wants you to know at this point in time.

At the end of your session with me you will learn and/or validate your inner knowing of:

  • your Soul origin, where you come from

  • your Soul essence colour and your Soul's highest dimension of existence

  • your connections to other stars, constellations and/or galaxies

  • your past lives connecting you to your galactic past (you would typically need a separate past life regression just for that alone!)

  • your evolutionary path and mission here and now

  • AND WHY IT IS IMPORTANT for you to know this right now!


Recordings of readings and consultations remain my intellectual property and as such, are copyrighted content.

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