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Sedona Spirit Healing
with Marina



Meet Marina

A mage, dancer between realms and dimensions, intuitive, energy healer, shamanic practitioner, whose practice combines the knowledge and traditions of Mother Earth and other realms.


Have you been asking yourself any of these questions?

  • What am I doing here?

  • Why am I not happy or fulfilled?

  • Why is my job not fulfilling?

  • Why my relationships are falling apart?

Have you been feeling like this?

  • I feel like I do not belong or fit in this world.

  • I often feel alone even when I am in a relationship.

  • I feel distant from my spouse and friends.

  • I often feel emotionally drained.

  • I feel exhausted helping others when no one seems to care about me.

  • I am getting more uncertain about my life and I do not know how I can empower myself.

  • I do not know what to do.




YOUR SOUL ORIGIN and remember


by booking a

GALACTIC SOUL ORIGIN - SHAMANIC READING with me, if you really want to finally have answers to:

  • Who am I?

  • What am I doing here?

  • Why do I look up in the sky and wonder?

  • Why do I remember things not of this world?

  • Who is my Soul family?

  • How can I connect?

  • What is My Mission?

If any of these questions and statements resonated with you, AND if: 


  • you are ready and willing to change,

  • you take responsibility for your own life,

  • you do not blame the world, people and circumstances for your troubles,

  • you are not searching for a guru or a magic pill to solve all your problems in an instant,

I will be honoured to guide you:

  • to deepen your connection with your Higher Self and your connection to Source,

  • to meet the real You and

  • to reclaim your Power!

So if you are ready to take an amazing journey of self-discovery with me – please click the BOOK NOW button below!


"Before you heal someone ask him if he is willing to give up the things that make him sick."


"You have made such a huge difference for me! I would love to be able to help others to find you! You are able to transform people’s lives and that just helps us all. So powerful. The experience I had while you were doing the clearing and healing was beyond anything I could have wished for. To feel it in real time! My neck had been immobile and frozen for some time, I couldn’t lower my chin or turn my head very far and the noises it made when I did!  Like styrofoam. That was completely gone right then after you cleared it, my head just wanted to fall forward! Amazing! By the way, in addition to what I felt during your session, you also cleared large floaters I’ve had in my eyes.

But the most amazing and wondrous for me was experiencing the flood of what I can only describe as warmth, love, joy (though it was much more than I can describe) from the light that you directed through me/into me!  I had no idea or expectation that could/would happen. I’ve never felt anything like it. But because you said to hold onto the feeling and remember it so I could continue to access it made such a difference! I have been able to connect with it when I do my meditation exercises, when I focus on breathing and throughout the day... It’s really been pretty amazing. I am so thankful."

Michelle F.

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