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Let's talk about Ayahuasca!

(Original posts on Facebook on March 19&20, 2024)

This is becoming paramount for everyone’s knowledge and safety, when tools that were never meant for everyone, are being pushed relentlessly to the unprepared. This is not herb medicine and everyone must know this. This backfires at shamanism core and values. I have been warning and educating my clients and friends for a while now, but I do not see anybody else speaking publicly. So here I am.

Ayahuasca is a very dangerous game. I am not bashing all psychedelics – they have their purpose and reason. For some. But ayahuasca – is a whole different ballgame. It is not for everyone. It never was.

There are tools and experiences that were never meant for everyone.

The fact that is has been promoted so fiercely and bluntly and in your face – says it all. For those who can see and tell of course. This is where a red flag becomes a very bright and blinding red! Alas, not every one can see or discern. And here we are.

I will put it in a few words and these are my words, not anybody else’s.

You can exorcise demons but you CANNOT exorcise ayahuasca. --- I think I can close at that. If it’s not enough... here is more.

In the Andes, for generations, only high-end shamans worked with ayahuasca. Only specially initiated shamans worked with it. Only ONE specially initiated shaman per village/community worked with it, on behalf and for people. The only ONE who was trained and initiated to do so, TO SURVIVE AND RETURN from the ayahuasca induced shamanic journey. For various reasons, including to retrieve the sought after information on behalf of the community. Those shamans had failsafes as well as the ultimate resolve when things went wrong. I am talking about the real shamans who always knew the consequences and were always ready. They knew that it could be a one-way trip.

THE REAL SHAMANS KNOW THAT ANY SERIOUS TRIP COULD BE A ONE-WAY TRIP. This is why we can do what we do. It comes with full surrender and commitment. Be careful calling yourselves shamans.

Now ask yourself, do the client of the fancy new age retreats bother themselves with points of no return. Of course not. They paid the money, they were promised gold and honey...

Whoever is behind the recent wide spread of these “induced trips” know exactly what they are doing. This is highly volatile with long-term results.

It is NOT just an entity that can be easily removed. Anyone who tried, knows that it bounces back with an enhanced grab. To be honest, it is not going away anywhere – it is just playing with the victims and practitioners who think they can. It is NOT an entity – it is a consciousness.

Stay away please.

| Marina Sedona

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