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On Calling, being chosen by Spirit, Fate and Destiny, Free Will and Manifestation

(Original post on Facebook on December 22, 2023)

In response to questions.

Everyone has a path and a purpose (even in a game). Whether you choose it or not, is another matter altogether. Sometimes you don’t have a choice.

Some can dabble. Some are not allowed.

You would KNOW, if you have a calling. Not just interested in something, though it may start as such, but then you just KNOW.

When you KNOW you KNOW.

You would KNOW, if SPIRIT chooses you. No doubt about that! You would go through initiation and death-rebirth on many levels/fields/bodies.

When you are chosen by SPIRIT, you have NO choice.

Especially, if you are BORN into a certain lineage, and chosen by SPIRIT, you have NO choice.

One way or another you will be guided or forced to be on that path. Because you are here to do the job... This is particularly for people with extraordinary abilities or expected abilities... read real healers, shamans, medicine men/women, mages, clairs, psychics, etc. This comes through one’s physical DNA and one’s Soul DNA. This is WHY you HAVE these abilities and skills – they are NOT for you, they are for you to help assist others.

If you are BORN into a certain lineage, but do not feel called or chosen, you may "take a pass"… as some would suggest, but I would recommend to hone your skills anyway, because you are exposed by the fact alone of being born into such lineage, and thus will be targeted regardless, hence preparation and readiness will go a long way, and you might wake up to your calling along the way. Pun intended. No wonder!

There is FATE and DESTINY. And there is no way out of it. You can’t buy or cheat yourself out of it. You might resist and delay it, but it would be painful, very painful. Whatever is destined will happen, no matter what you do. Whatever is not destined will not happen, no matter what you do. Centuries old wisdom. Easy way or hard way - is totally Your choice. Choose wisely.

Free Will is only within that Fate and Destiny path. Let’s not kid ourselves – the alleged and much talked about Free Will is just an optional question every time you are at crossroads and have to commit or not commit to your path, and prove your worth. To Yourself - Your Self/Your Soul/Spirit/Creator/God/Gods. Every single day, every single time! And most importantly, which is IN ALIGNMENT with your Soul, frequency, path, purpose… you get the idea.

Which applies handsomely and equitably to manifestation! You can ONLY MANIFEST WHAT IS IN ALIGNMENT with your Soul, frequency, path, purpose! Nothing more. You can do less if you are off. You will manifest - not what you want, but what you truly NEED and in alignment. Your True Self Your Soul know what you need.

I always have and do stand by that. No matter what others say or said anywhere anytime.

However you want to play it - is Your choice.

| Marina Sedona


P.S. This seemingly applies, however, until we step out of this Mind Game. Our Soul/True Self knows that this actual incarnation experience is just following the path already chosen (and known to your Soul/True Self), which renders in this 3D world as a sequence of choices, revelations, learning, downloads, and interferences on all levels (which is a big subject in itself). Stay tuned!

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