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Not Together (A story of true love, ultimate soul mates through time and space)

Updated: Mar 15

February 2024

He sacrificed himself.

Just to meet her.


In this lifetime.


He got a job and moved to this town for a year. Then he extended his employment for another year.

Then he met her.

He saw her at the end of the table across from him, talking to other servers and residents, laughing and exuding power, strength and beauty all at once. He had not seen anyone like this before. He listened. He was intrigued. He introduced himself.

He saw her again in a couple of days. They talked again for a few minutes. As it turned out she was not just a new visitor. She used to live in this town. She had been away for a few years and now she was back, but only visiting for a few weeks, however. She lived in another country now.

She would come every couple of days for a cup of coffee and to talk to the people. He would wait for her. He started coming every day so he could meet her. Every time she came he was there, waiting for her.


She was happy to be back after so many years.

She did not pay much attention to him at first. He was a new face for her. However, she started noticing, that he would show up next to her side whenever she finished her conversations with somebody else. He would seamlessly pick up right there and then, and they would just talk. Every time she came.

One day he gave her his phone number… for emergency… in case she got lost on the road or the hiking trails. What could she possibly need an emergency help for? She had lived there before him. She had known the town and surroundings like the back of her hand. And on the roads there is road assistance, isn’t it? Now she got intrigued.

A few days later he professed his liking for her. She smiled and nodded to him. The earth moved under his feet. She did not remember how she got to her car either.

She hit him like the sky fell on him, when she told him that she was leaving the following day. He almost fainted. He asked her permission to hug her a goodbye. They embraced. He would not let her go. They stood an inch from each other, continuing their conversation about what awaited them in the following few months. Until somebody else came to say goodbye to her. That is when they realized they were standing so close to each other. No embarrassment or uneasy feeling. It felt so natural and common to both of them. Neither of them wanted to part.


He was scared. Intrigued. Pulled. Scared out of his mind.

He could not keep relationships, not willing to commit or even be continuously with anyone longer than a few weeks, let alone months. He was moving from one place to another. There was always something missing. Or someone. He did not know what or how exactly.

Until he met her.


She was done with relationships. After her last divorce, she did not want anything other than a perfect match in her life. A perfect match on every level. She would not settle for anything less. She resolved to continue solo and accepted it long ago. She had always been a lone wolf in her life regardless. She was done with relationships. Of that she was sure.

Until she met him.


She was highly intuitive and psychic and she already sensed it, but needed to make sure what was going on indeed. She asked for divine guidance. That is when visions and revelations came through. What she found out was beyond any wild imagination, even to her. She knew right there and then their true connection and bond.

She knew that both of them had always been together and will be together through eons, forever, eternally. As lovers and partners. He was hers and she was his. Always. Forever. As they were at the same time everywhere all at once.

As well as the true meaning and consequences of their special union. And why it is so rare or non-existent here in this world or any other lower world, and why it will not be allowed in this reality at any cost. For real power couples like them. (Details omitted on purpose)


She came back a few weeks later unannounced. When they met, the time stopped. They locked their eyes and everything around stopped to exist. He could not avert his gaze, seeing the whole universe in her eyes. She drowned in his eyes, seeing all their lives together all at once. Then they spoke. They were talking, but words hardly registered. It lasted forever.

That was more than love, that was a bond on the Soul level. They both knew it.

She was baffled, but the only thing she seemed to resist, was the possibility of a distance relationship. She never believed in distance relationship.

He was overwhelmed. It was too much, it felt too much. She was free, independent and well-off. He did not know where to start or what he could offer to her in comparison. She was unattainable. He was devastated. He could barely breathe.


They would talk every few days. He was coming to this place every day now, so he could meet her. Every time she came, he was there, waiting for her. Just like the last time. Though this time he was telling her, that he would be waiting for her.

He would get uneasy, when she talked to anybody else, male or female, no matter. Instead of him. One day he got really uneasy, when she talked to her female friends for quite awhile. She saw him pacing angrily, but she did not expect what came next. Desperate and in pain, to finally draw her attention, he could not contain himself and blurted something rude. Rude for the first time. That was just a start.

Even when he hugged her a few times… it felt more desperate and almost fierce.

They tried to schedule and meet privately for a nature walk and talk, but something always was in the way. When they finally agreed on a date, a sudden change in her business schedule happened. She left on a short business trip out of town on that particular day.

After that, it all went downhill.

She could sense interferences that would not go away, no matter what she did.

He was spinning out of control in distress and pressure at work and otherwise in his life.

She offered her help, but he refused.

He was feeling more anxious and angry more than ever. He was not himself and hated it.


They met on the summer solstice. She was not supposed to be there. At all. She had a trip planned to another country. Which changed the last minute. She came to that town instead. She also had planned to be in a different place for that particular solstice week, arrangements made, accommodations booked. Which changed the last minute as well, on the day before her trip. So she stayed in town, following her guidance. She went to her favourite restaurant on that day. That is when they met for the first time. On the summer solstice.


She fought till the last moment. She wanted him in her life. She did not want him as her therapy client. But she could not bear seeing him in this state. She offered her help again, only if he wanted to, to break out of his endless spin. He refused again. He almost jumped out of his skin.

They both knew at this moment that something broke in their connection, and there was no going back. They were pulled apart.


She was back in town a few months later. When he saw her, he felt like the only reason he was standing was that he did not know which way to fall. He was stressed again. They were not warm to each other anymore. She kept her distance, cold as never. He felt torn and confused.

They would talk occasionally. One day they both suddenly confided to each other, that the fate had brought them together, and that there was no way avoiding it. Looks and gazes flared up. Course voice. The last hug.

He kept watching her. For days. One day, feeling overwhelmed, he exploded for the last time. This time she left, without saying a word, and never returned to this establishment.


A few months later, she found out from her friend, that his employment had been terminated for his disgraceful actions. In that very establishment. He left the town.

Not soon enough, she thought to herself. Did she feel a relief? On some level, yes. On another, it did not make sense…

A couple days later he reached out telepathically... as they had before. He needed her to know. And she knew at that moment in a flash that he agreed to all of that to happen beforehand. He knew they would not be allowed to be together, but he wanted them to meet, to see each other, to remind of their both feelings and connections beyond and eternal. And that the way they parted was the only way for them to part.

He:       “My Love, I have done this for us to meet in this lifetime. I could not live without meeting you... I can live now. I can breathe now. Knowing that you are somewhere there, even far away, in another country. Until we meet again. As we always have. Here or elsewhere. No matter. I am yours and you are mine. Always. Forever.”

He sacrificed himself, sullied his reputation, his life in her town. Just to meet her. Again. In this lifetime.

Even for a few minutes a day. For a few days or weeks…

They both agreed to it. They both knew it.



She:       “Out of everything you could have done with me, to me, you chose to hurt me?! Sullying your reputation would have been enough for me to let you go, believe me. Why hurt?”

He:         “Hurt you… pain… Remember when you left me… for your gods? We were in love and we were so happy together. We could not be happier. But you decided to reunite with your gods. I could not stop you. You left me behind, you left our love behind. I went after you as soon as I learnt. I dove after you into the ocean, but it spit me out. I could never comprehend, why you could leave our love. I tried and tried for years, I begged the ocean to take me too, so that I could join you, but it won’t take me. Your gods won’t take me. Your gods won’t let me be with you. You left me alone in this world. I was insufferable. And I was angry. Is this the anger I felt back then that spilled out into this lifetime? I am really sorry. Do you think you could ever measure my pain of living without you?”

She:       “I think I can. I have recently experienced a full remembrance of our life together back then. I felt our immense love, and every bit of your pain and my pain. For days. I am really sorry too.

       Why is there always pain in this world? At least we were happy together for a while last time. Not even a bit this lifetime. I do not want to return here anymore. If I cannot be with you.”

He:         “I do not want to return here anymore either. I cannot live without you. Here or anywhere else.

We tried a few lives being apart here and there. I’ve had enough of this. I don’t want to try anymore. Neither this world nor anywhere else. Let’s never do this again.”

She:       “I don’t want it either. No more. Let’s never do this again. This is the last time we were apart.”

He :        “This is the last time we were apart.”

A long pause.

She:       “You know… I now live near our beach from that past life. I go there every day. I love it so much. Where we married and lived together until I left. And where you lived afterwards. Alone. For years.”

He:         “I know.”

She:       “I will continue living there. Alone. Without you.”

He:         “I will never return there, or that country. I cannot.”

She:       “I know. But I chose to return there. I cannot leave this time.”

| Marina Sedona

P.S. A story of true love, ultimate soul mates through time and space. Who can not be together, however, on this lower world, in this lifetime… Or more exact… who will not be allowed to be together in this incarnation (on planet Earth). A true story.

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Mar 17
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

A beautiful example of how true Soul mates are often not meant to be together long term. The massive emotion & intensity of the reunion is so well highlighted here & I know exactly what you are talking off as I experienced something similar in my lifetime. It is a connection that always stays & is ever present even when the physical connection in this realm is brief. Very hard to explain in words but you have explained this type of situation & experience so well! It takes me back... Much love XXX

Replying to

Thank you so much for your comment and your share!

Blessed be all who have experienced such immense intensity and, though deprived of it in physicality, still managed to open up to the deeper inner knowing!


Mar 13
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Honest! Intriguing! Brave! Raw! Pondering “allowed”. Makes me yearn for fairy dust but probably best not to interfere. We are all such interesting creatures! Thank you for this heart provoking share!

Replying to

Thank you so much for your beautiful comment! I am happy it moved and touched you as much!

The more we remember, the more we realize how everything is connected in our lives, and the complexity and intricacy of interwoven existence and consciousness. It is magical indeed! Marina

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